“Wish me luck” subforum?

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“Wish me luck” subforum?

Post by nottakennotavailable »

I’ve spent a bit of yesterday and today thinking that I’d like to solicit good wishes from the forum for my hike tomorrow (a second attempt at a peak I failed to summit last week that will simultaneously mark my first attempt at uphill skiing), but it’s not quite a Jedi Hugs sort of situation yet (I still have hope for it, or I wouldn’t be trying it in the first place!), and it’s obviously not a Success Story yet, either.

“Wish me luck” posts could be anything with a more upbeat angle to them than Jedi Hugs - a job interview, a placement exam, a big vacation with either a really really long or really really short layover, a first date with someone whose messages read like Shakespeare, even a medical appointment for a clinical trial or other positive health outcomes (e.g., us trans peeps getting approved for hormones or gender-confirming surgery/ies) - but still enough uncertainty to not be a 100% guarantee (leaving aside the question of whether anything ever is!).

Basically, it’s be a place specifically for situations in which the poster sees good possibilities resulting from an upcoming event, but would like a place to discuss them and get community support for them before they happen.
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Re: “Wish me luck” subforum?

Post by kathlynn »

You could post them in the general discussion subforum.
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Re: “Wish me luck” subforum?

Post by Azla »

What a nice idea!
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Re: “Wish me luck” subforum?

Post by zirness »

I like this idea. Might also work under support groups.

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Re: “Wish me luck” subforum?

Post by Catmom »

Sounds great to me.

I think I would enjoy knowing when the event is (that the wishes are for), if the poster is willing to say.
And there's also room (if desired) for letting us know how it turned out!

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