This forum is a miserable place

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This forum is a miserable place

Post by candleflame »

This forum just furthers the marginalization of chronically lonely, isolated people. I sometimes deal with pretty serious invalidation here and I'm expected I guess to just put up and shut up. I'll probably get blocked but at least I can probably crank this one post out to voice how this forum just further contributes to my grief as a chronically lonely/alienated person and is a dangerous place for lonely people to come to for support. I'll probably immediately get blocked from this forum, or ganged up on and verbally attacked, or both, but I'm not going down without voicing my discontent at least in this one post. Some of you have made an already shitty life even worse so excuse me that I do not have much gratitude here.

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Re: This forum is a miserable place

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Mod note,

This post is locked.

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Re: This forum is a miserable place

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Mod note:

(this note is a duplicate of the note in candleflame's 'I Need Help!' thread)

candleflame, we have issued a temporary 7 day ban on your account due to your inappropriate response to moderation.

Sometimes the moderation team needs to review or address something a the thread before the thread is able to continue the conversation. We are volunteers working in our free time, so in order to discuss a concern we do need time for the various members of the team to weigh on in the discussion, and that happens around our work and regular life, and in different time zones around the world. We use the thread locking tool to allow us the time to discuss the concern.

Having your thread locked is not a judgement on you or any user. If any action is needed from the OP or other users in the thread that information will be included in the mod lock note. If there is no other instruction you only need to refrain from posting about the thread topic elsewhere on the board and allow us the time to discuss and address the concern about the thread.

Responding to moderation as though you have been attacked is not appropriate, and responding with insults is also not appropriate. The ability to receive moderation is mandatory for participation in this space. In 7 days we will address the concerns regarding this thread. Thank you for your patience.

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