Update the shibboleth

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Update the shibboleth

Post by Wonderbink »

I'm back after a long exile and wasn't even sure if I still had an account, so I tried to sign up again. One of the things I had to do was answer a sort of secret handshake question to prove that I was a regular CA reader. Fair enough. The reference was to The House of Evil Bees. I knocked it out of the park because I was a CA regular from way back, but it didn't sit well with me. Is this place only intended for old-school Awkardeers who remember the halcyon days of the comment threads? Is it perhaps possible that somebody new to the Captain might see the link there and wander here in search of like-minded souls? "Bees" hasn't been referred to--even here--in YEARS. Putting that question is a great way to screen out bots, but I fear it's also filtering out perfectly nice folks who don't have weeks to spend reading every single entry like I recently did.

I can't think of a substitute of a more recent vintage but there really should be some way for newbies to be let in.
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Re: Update the shibboleth

Post by Salix_caprea »

Thanks for pointing this out. I hope one or more of the mods replies. welcome back.

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Re: Update the shibboleth

Post by MianaAncrath »

Thanks for the suggestion, I have taken it to the mod team and we'll discuss and amend as appropriate.
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