Code of conduct

Have you been harassed or made uncomfortable on the forum? Information about how to report harassment and how our policy works.
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Code of conduct

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The Friends of Captain Awkward community (FOCA) is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for anyone. Harassment of participants in any form is not tolerated, no matter a person's gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, sex work, age, disability, physical appearance, body size, race or religion.

Anyone who violates this code of conduct may be sanctioned or banned from the board at the discretion of the admod team. This code of conduct is in effect as of 9/22/2014. The team will review it in a ongoing process and amend it as needed.

If you experience or see someone else violating the code of conduct press the report button. It looks like a exclamation mark and is located in the top right of every comment. We will not tell the accused who reported them. Look at behaviours rather than the person. It's perfectly fine to send report like ”ick, there's something creepy about X”. Even if nothing comes from it right then it will give the team valuable information for the future.


The team will notify you via PM if someone turns up and is asking questions about you. If you're worried about another user and can prove that they are stalking you outside of FOCA, they will be banned.


The code of conduct doesn't apply to the meetups, however we have a policy in place for them.

We can't be there to make sure of what happened but will stand behind any reports of unwanted behaviour from the person arranging the meet-up or those attending. If you've witnessed harassment during a meet-up and feel that it might carry over to the board you're more than welcome to contact the team. You are our eyes and ears.

It is our hope that the code of conduct and the guidelines for meet-ups will give any organizers something to point to. We can't be there for you but we will believe you and back you up if you have to tell someone that they are making others uncomfortable.

If you want to advertise a meetup here, you need to adhere to the code of conduct. If you go to an advertised meetup and it isn't abiding by the code, report it and we'll ask the organisers to commit to change and/or not advertise here.

We strongly recommend asking for explicit verbal permission to take photos of others. There are multiple reasons that someone may wish not to be photographed included religious and cultural objections. Safety reasons is a big one – a tech-savvy stalker doesn't need much to track someone down.

Mistakes can and will happen but there's a huge difference between someone not hearing the question until it's too late and someone not asking at all.

Jedi Hugs

Jedi Hugs is a time honored and appreciated tradition on the board. If you don't want them you should specify that in your signature.

If a person asks for no Jedi Hugs and someone offers them, that's a problem. Unwanted Jedi Hugs qualifies as harassment and is not tolerated. If you see that someone on the team has failed to step in, please press the report button.
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