New policy (tw:nazi, white supremacy)

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New policy (tw:nazi, white supremacy)

Post by boutet »

There is a situation on the board that we need to address. It might hit nerves or raise hackles but we ask that you all read and consider this post with the compassion and consideration that you have always shown on this board. No individual user is being called out or accused of anything. This post will be discussing, in a general way, the current political situation in the world and in the States, and also white supremacists and their beliefs and actions. This post is introducing a new policy so all users will need to read this. We will do our best to keep things as general as possible to avoid triggers. Please exercise self care in how, when and where you read this post if these topics are difficult for you.

We have noticed an increase in the posts about white supremacists and mentions of Nazis. This is understandable given that white supremacists and current-day Nazis have had an increase in their publicity and behavior. One type of post, however, has been creating discomfort and concern on the board. Several users have been posting about their discomfort with off-board people using violent rhetoric against Nazis and white supremacists. We understand and acknowledge the real fear that users are feeling when people that they trusted and identified with start using violent language or endorsing acts of violence. We see and acknowledge the real and valid fear and discomfort users are feeling, the real and valid experiences of users who have been triggered by this kind of language.

We also see and acknowledge the real and valid fear of users on this board who are targets of Nazis and white supremacists. We see and acknowledge how frightening and unsafe it feels to come to a place that is "safe" and see what looks like posts that are sympathetic to the rights and safety of Nazis and white supremacists.

We want to support all our users. In this situation we have users with conflicting needs; the need to process feelings of unsafety in the face of unexpected violent rhetoric from trusted friends, and the need to feel safe and supported in the face of an active, government-supported movement to disenfranchise, deport, discriminate and murder certain minority groups. Our solution is this:

1) We have two active threads to on the topic of discomfort with violent rhetoric towards Nazis and white supremacists. There is a support thread here: ... 18&t=10560 where users can go to ask for support. There is also a general discussion thread for discussing the use of violence here: ... 30&t=10580 that includes violence specifically against Nazis and white supremacists.

These two threads will be the only places on this board where users can discuss their discomfort with violent rhetoric against Nazis and white supremacists. To be clear: this includes the 101 section and Ballads, and the "Someone Is Wrong on the Internet" thread. These two threads will be the only place on board where this discussion can happen. You can discuss your general issues with violence and violent language elsewhere, but these are the only two threads where you can discuss discomfort with violent language aimed at Nazis and white supremacists.

2) Any mentions of white supremacists or Nazis must now include a (tw: Nazis) or (tw: white supremacy) warning in the thread title as well as a content note on the first comment in that thread giving a brief description of what sort of discussion your thread is intended to have. An example might be:
Content note: this thread will be discussing recent white supremacist action that includes threats and violent language against immigrants, and will ask for advice on how to safely resist these actions in the future.
These are now official rules for this board and will be enforced as all our rules are enforced. We will incorporate them into the Rules page soon.

Additionally we would like to you to consider: When posting about Nazis and white supremacists always ask yourself, whose needs am I centering? If the only concern you voice is concern for the safety or the rights of the Nazis and white supremacists perhaps this is not the place for that post. This board centers the needs and safety of the victims. Nazis and white supremacists are not an underprivileged or vulnerable group. They do not face systemic abuse or harm.

They DO target other groups, vulnerable and underprivileged groups and promote and participate in harming them. They intimidate, abuse, harass, murder, and terrorize other groups and more often than not they get away with it because the current societal structure gives them the power to do so. Nazis and white supremacists are openly and actively choosing to publicly call for the murder of entire groups of people. They choose this. Their victims have no choice in being targeted, and very limited choices in how to respond.

We, the Admod team, stand with the victims of Nazis and white supremacists. Some of us are IN the targeted groups, just as many of our users are. We will not host or support any pro-Nazi or pro-white supremacist content. We will not host or support Nazi/white supremacist sympathizers. We do not believe that any users have been intentionally posting that content but we are uncomfortable with this trend on the board and how it is effecting our users who are members of the groups being targeted.

Thank you all for the time and effort you put in to making this space the welcoming and supportive community that it is. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us. PM's sent to boutet on this topic will be relayed to the rest of the Admod team.