ABLEISM: a thing to avoid!

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ABLEISM: a thing to avoid!

Post by Jane_the_chicken »

Hey all you new posters! We saw a big influx of peeps coming over to talk about letter 969, and the discussion there has been interesting and thoughtful.

One thing we are also unfortunately seeing is a LOT of ableist language. To be clear: while this space grew out of Captain Awkward's comment space, we have a much stricter language policy than CA -- particularly with regards to ableism.

We moderate (up to and including warnings and bans) for ableist language, including many words that may be part of your everyday vocabulary. It is really, really important to us that you put in some major effort to think about and change your language to make this a space where all kinds of people feel welcome.

In light of that, we ask that you look at some of our earlier posts on ableism and familiarize yourself with our ideas and policies about ableist language on the board.


Our ableist language policy: ... f=6&t=8880
Explanation of ableist language and why it's a problem: ... f=6&t=8228
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