Forum Decorum: ageism and other isms rule change

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Forum Decorum: ageism and other isms rule change

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We have updated Rule 3.2a ... .php#rule3 Specifically, we have included ageism and other isms not specifically mentioned in the rule against discriminatory language.

The rule now reads:
2. No discriminatory language.
a)No misogyny, racism, slurs, homophobia, transphobia, gender essentialism (Boys will be boys, you can't expect men to X, all women are Y), ableism, ageism, harassment, or mansplaining. This includes coded and dog-whistle versions of the same ("misandry," "beta-male," "thugs," "savages," etc). Other isms are also prohibited, even if they are not mentioned here. We also require that users use "trans person" with the space rather than "transperson" out of respect for the preferences of the trans people on this board. We have no time for rules-lawyers and will ban those who refuse to respect this rule and their fellow posters.
Please make a note of these changes, as they now apply to all the forums here on FOCA.

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