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Rule clarification

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Rule 8.1 is about respecting the privacy of others.

Due to several incidents over the last few months, we have added a paragraph to the rule to make explicit that this is a closed community. People post here in the full expectation that they are addressing other members of the community. It is critical that we all respect one a other's privacy, and that means not sharing people's words with non-members without the permission of the author.

If you wish to share a single post with a friend, PM the author and obtain their permission before you do so. Posters should be aware that the presumption of privacy within this community means that "no" is always an acceptable answer to such a request. If you make such a request, you absolutely must abide by whatever decision the author of the post makes about sharing their words.

If you want someone to read an entire thread, they must join FoCA in order to do that. It is not okay to share FoCA posts with non-members, whether by showing them your screen or by printing out a thread to share.

If you think you need an exception to this blanket prohibition on sharing with outsiders, contact the moderation team to describe your situation. The bar for exceptions is exceedingly high.

All users should be aware that although this is a closed community, it's also the internet, and determined outsiders could certainly access what you post here. Even if we remove a post for some reason, nothing on the internet ever really goes away. We will do what we can to protect your privacy by enforcing our rules, but we can,t make the internet itself less porous,
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