Minor Changes to Rules

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Minor Changes to Rules

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You may have noticed that we edited a few of our rules to make them more clear, and in one case to correct an instance of ableist language.

Rule 3.3 has been edited and expanded to provide a clearer understanding of our "No Body-Shaming or Diet Talk" rule. It now reads:
No body shaming or diet talk.
FoCA is a body-positive site. We do not permit fat-shaming, implications that some bodies are better than others, or generalizations that assume that what is good for one body is good for all bodies. No food is healthy for everyone, no eating plan works for everyone, no exercise is better for everyone than another exercise, and no specific body conformation is always better. Specifically related to food, what might be nutritious and healthful for you might be deadly for another person. And a person dealing with a food shortage might see any food as beneficial, even if that food would not be beneficial to them if they had access to a wider range of food. No individual food is "junk" just as no individual food is "healthy."

We do not allow the use of specific numbers regarding bodies or the maintenance of bodies: no weights, sizes, calories, or other numbers. We do not permit generalizations about muscle being better than fat, or about "healthy eating", or anything else related to bodies. If your body prefers some kinds of food to others, or you find some kinds of exercise more appealing, you may say so, but you must always focus on what is good for your body. Avoid framing your body's needs and preferences as being generally more healthy or better, since you are the expert only on your body. Remember that what is good for you may be literal poison for someone else.

In general, this is not the best site for discussions of diets, exercise plans, specifics of ED treatments, or HAES (Health At Every Size) programs. You may discuss your own body, your own goals, and your feelings about these things, but you must follow the guidelines in this rule when you do so. Putting numbers or judgments about bodies in general under tw tags is not enough — these things are never acceptable here.
Rule 6.3 was edited to remove an ableist word that had previously escaped our notice, for which we apologize.

Rule 4.1 was edited to add an example of proper trigger warning etiquette on the board, to hopefully help new users understand what is required.

Thank you for all you do in helping us keep this board running smoothly and safely! Please feel free to contact me, or any mod, if you have questions about these changes.

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